Here’s how I can help you make my money.

(Because this is how I make money. 🤑)

Vitamins, Supplements & Plant-Based Nutrition

Need help creating nutritional supplements? Or you want to start a plant-based company? I got you.

I’m currently helping Dr. Todd J. Pesek with Seven years ago, we started with creating a name and logo. Now, we’ve sourced and developed more than 20 supplement and natural food products. We retail in nearly 30 grocery stores in the Midwest, and we are currently moving our focus to e-commerce including Amazon.

Strategy, Marketing & Technology

Need help positioning your business? Or help marketing and growing your business? You best believe I can help you with all this.

When I was eleven, my curiosity about technology got the best of me. I took apart the family computer.

My mom was not pleased to find me surrounded by piles of tiny screws, wires and circuit boards. I promised to put it back together, but I forgot to take notes of what I was taking apart.

That summer, she sent me to computer camp. Plenty of computers made for dissection.

I’ve been hooked on technology ever since.

At Boundless, my hobbies are combined with my marketing background to help businesses launch and grow. We’ve built websites, designed marketing campaigns, and integrated marketing technology into workflows for companies of all stages and sizes.

Sustainability & Permaculture Design

Want to shrink your environmental footprint at home or at work?

As a certified permaculture designer, I can help you design spaces to nourish your health and the health of the planet. I can help with everything from designing edible landscapes and growing hemp to advising on sustainable packaging and eco-effective business practices for the circular economy.

Shoot me an email if you’d like my help