Dream Log: Framed

We are lined up, dressed for prom and waiting for our names to be called. We are outside Windermere Union. It’s night time. My shoes are dusted from the walk. I look around a recognize everyone, but not from high school. This is our 20th reunion for Windermere Union Pre-school class of 1990. As our …

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Short Story: Another Level*

*This is a creative short story, and in no way a recount of real events. The names may or may not have been changed to protect the innocent. When a hippy band of wandering, barefooted, personal-hygiene-deprived musicians announced their arrival in the city, a plan was proposed. A certain herb with euphoric and up-lifting capabilities …

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Short Story: Marked Off

This is a product of my creative writing class in college. It was met with much acclaim by teacher and classmates alike. Mark’s mornings all start the same. The alarm rings. He hits the snooze button. Five minutes later, the alarm rings. He hits the snooze button. Ten minutes later, the alarm rings, and instead …

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