Reflections on Communion

When the Pastor pointed out a shorter sermon would accommodate for Communion, I skipped a breath. I hadn’t consistently gone

Reflections On Sin

Sin is a prominent theme in The Bible. It’s often used to represent the darkness in our life, and the

Reflections on God

When I wonder about God, I wonder what fish wonder about water. Do they think about water? Do they appreciate

The Economic Case For A Stronger Creative Class

For 2017 to be a banner year, we need more than pension and HRO reform. Jacksonville need’s a stronger creative

Visiting Prague

Here are a few observations from spending Christmas in Prague, Czech Republic. Christmas Carp Prague does an incredible job celebrating

Visiting Prague: Anonymous Bar

On our first night in Prague, we went to a bar we found in a New York Times article. Edward,

Visiting Copenhagen

Danish is an impossibly hard-to-understand language. Everyone is walking around speaking gibberish. It reminds of old video games where the

Short Story: Finding Grace

Hope floats like a buoy. Most of the time, it gently rocks up and down, but other times, when storms

A Small Seaside Thought

When you’re standing at the foot of the ocean, you’re occupying an ancient space. The wind dancing on your skin.

Dream Log: A Cat

Let’s just say there was a cat. He was wearing a hip-hop outfit. He had on a leash, but it

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