Baby Come Back, You Can Just Eat Naturally

The first step is improving how, when and why you eat. Looking back, I realize it was eating that got

Sustainability Is Misunderstood. Let Me Explain…

On a Saturday night in Chicago, I pounded my hands on our corner table. The wine shook as I punctuated

RegenJax: Upcycle Local Living

Jacksonville is home to all the qualities necessary for a truly unique and thriving city. We just need to get

Rooting Health In Sustainable Food

Better nutrition. Better planet. Better life. Turns out, the future of your health will have roots in our past. Every

Our Soil Sucks & Carbon Dioxide’s Impact On Nutrients

As I study for my permaculture design certification, I’ve discovered shocking details about the shortcomings of our industrial agriculture system.

The Future of Grocery

After reading Grocery: The Buying and Selling of Food in America, my imagination got the best of me. Heinen’s is

Visiting Cuba

Cuba is charming, captivating and disgusting.   At night – when the cigars are burning, the rum is flowing and

Houdini Trophies

Traveling is a mindset. The spirit of adventure exceeds responsibility to your daily affairs. You feel inspired to strip away

Tasting Food In Iceland

What does rotten shark taste like? I’ll show you…

Reflections on Jesus

Millennials are increasingly rejecting their Christian upbringing to adopt a secular mindset. The shift away from the Jesus seems to

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