My Marketing Framework: Storytelling Algebra & Enchanting Experiences

Marketing is about creating an experience – an experience that sells. To do this, I organize my thinking into two levels: macro and micro. On the macro level, researching and planning occur. On the micro level, the activity occurs. The plan is executed. Feedback is collected. 1. Understand How Your Audience Feels via GIPHY I …

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Game of Internet Thrones: The Kingdoms Controlling The Internet

The internet is a clusterfuck of communication, information and entertainment. Since the dawning of the web, we have searched for the best way to organize this chaos. Rulers emerged with the best ideas for solving these challenges. Then the internet evolved. Those rulers were dethroned. If you want to thrive online, you need to understand …

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Traffic & Traction: Online Marketing

Web traffic fuels your business. Without traffic, you have no visitors to convert. With no conversions, your website is a billboard in a crowd of signs. The importance of traffic is easy to understand, but the process of gaining traffic can be confusing. Visitor count is one of the most common misunderstandings. If your website …

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