An Exercise In Oversharing

I have a bad habit. I never think to document everything I do on the internet. My virtual existence is a small shadow of my real life, and I think that’s a problem.

Facebook – when I was a senior in high school – was a right of passage. You applied to colleges. You got accepted to a school. You used your new college email to sign up for Facebook. Then you graduated.

Your virtual attendance at college started before you stepped foot on campus. When it was just a community for college kids, I had no problem engaging in conversations, publishing pictures and leading a virtual life, but as soon as the platform became a public forum, I stopped.

Maybe it felt more natural to be modest. Maybe I thought it was narcissistic to assume everyone in my digital circle would be interested in my every move. Conversations on social media feel so much more public, and most of the conversations are reactionary. I didn’t want people to scrutinize my spontaneous words. I scaled back my posts dramatically and hid all the content I could.

Now, I want to reverse course. I need to reverse course, so I’m forcing myself to be an oversharer.

What changed my mind? For starters, I realized that the people who are active online are winning offline (💸). These folks consistently stay top of mind by keeping his or her name on everyone’s screens. This generates helpful awareness for marketing and selling yourself.

Second, my position on the narcissism of social media posts evolved. Confidence is rooted in your ability to function without regard for people’s thoughts. It’s important to care how people feel around you, but it’s not important to care what people think of you. I now consider social media posting as a confidence exercise.

Finally, I like the challenge of documenting and creating content to entertain and inform people. How can I make this plate of scrambled eggs amusing? How can I give a friend some helpful advice while he’s waiting for an elevator? Every little post is a small creative challenge.

I have plenty of reasons to get started on this journey, but it’s so hard to even remember to publish something before I do it. I’m oversharing to create the reflex, and then I’ll scale back to a healthy balance that doesn’t distract from my actual life.

So let me just apologize for bombarding your newsfeed now. 😉


(Thanks Tay)

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