You could say, I’m a bon vivant growing roots in wellness.

Thanks for checking out my little blog. I am so happy to see you here. If we have never met, let me introduce myself, so we can be friends…

After graduating from University of Florida’s Journalism College, I landed my dream job. I was tasked with convincing journalists to love New Orleans’ best restaurants and bars. In other words, I was paid to eat and drink around the clock. I loved the long hours and weekend work. My health, on the other hand, did not. 

At my first annual physical, I weighed 260 pounds. My doctor tried to prescribe medication for high blood pressure. I didn’t want a lifetime of medication, so my doctor told me to lose weight. Turns out, that’s much easier said than done. I dove into research, but all the conflicting information was overwhelming. Is this Atkins dude serious? Eating only burgers, bacon and cheese is the best way to lose weight? (Spoiler alert: It’s not.) 

I hoped living around healthy people would reveal their skinny secrets.  I moved to San Diego to help a new company market a line of nutrition bars. On a business trip to Cleveland, I was introduced to Dr. Todd J. Pesek, M.D., Heinen’s Chief Medical Officer. Dr. Pesek gifted me his book, “Eat Yourself Super.” Growing up meat was at the center of every plate. I wasn’t jazzed about eating all plants, but I was running out of options. I read the book on my flight home – and everything changed. 

With the help of plant-based eating and intermittent fasting, I lost more than 50 pounds, normalized my blood pressure and feel better in my 30s than I did in my 20s. In 2014, I left a fast-growing technology startup to help Dr. Todd Pesek launch a plant-based wellness company: Nutritional Roots.

Certified in Plant Medicine, Nutrition & Permaculture

Medicinal Plants
Plant-Based Nutrition
Exercise Nutrition
Permaculture Design

Nutritional Roots: Plant-Based Wellness

Nutritional Roots completes your diet with clinically proven supplements made from innovative, easy-to-absorb ingredients. Our products combine Dr. Pesek’s lifelong passion for herbal medicine with his clinical success treating thousands of patients in Cleveland. After years focused on refining our products, we are elevating the industry’s standard of quality and affordability with the rollout of our new solutions.

I know firsthand the power of plant-based eating and supplementation. I’m proud of the growth and evolution of Nutritional Roots, and I can’t wait to share these incredible new products – available at your local Heinen’sAmazon or NutritionalRoots.com 🙂 – with as many people as possible in 2021!

My years focued on Nutritional Roots evolved into a passion for wholesome food, botanicals and sustainability.

Plant-First Diet®: Nutrition & Fitness

When you lose more than 50 pounds, people start asking you for your secrets. I founded the Plant-First Diet® to help others manage their weight and nutrition. The Plant-First Diet® is designed around 5 simples principles to make it easy to incorporate whole food plants into your diet and live an active lifestyle – without sacrificing the foods and things you love.

If you want to chat about making vitamins or supplements, marketing/branding, sustainability/permaculture or food/nutrition – or just need a workout/drinking buddy – I’d love to grab a coffee, lunch or drinks.

(If we have met, it’s been to long. How you doing?)

What the hell is a bon vivant?

I heard the term on a TV show, and I immediately googled it. It’s french for “one who lives well,” according to Wikipedia. And I certainly love to live well.

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