I’m a slasher.

I do this “slash” that “slash” this, get it? 😉

Thanks for checking out my little blog. I am so happy to see you here. If we have never met, I really look forward to meeting. I love making new friends. (If we have met, how you doing? It’s been too long…)

Why should we meet? Well, I’m a little A.D.D., so there could be a bunch of reasons to meet. Most of my experiences are in sales and marketing across a variety of industries like technology, consumer packaged goods, healthcare and real estate.

When I’m not unlocking nature’s secrets for wellness at Nutritional Roots, I’m wearing my Boundless Agency hat and helping folks grow their business with the power of internet.

If you want to chat about business, permaculture or real estate – or just need a drinking buddy – I’d love to grab a coffee, lunch or drinks.


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