I’m a slasher.

I do this “slash” that “slash” this, get it? 😉

Thanks for checking out my little blog. I am so happy to see you here. If we have never met, I really look forward to meeting. I love making new friends. (If we have met, how you doing? It’s been too long…)

Why should we meet? Well, I’m a little A.D.D., so there could be a bunch of reasons to meet. Most of my experiences are in sales and marketing across a variety of industries like technology, consumer packaged goods, healthcare and real estate.

When I’m not completing plant-based lifestyle at Nutritional Roots, I’m wearing my Boundless Agency hat and helping develop business strategies.

If you want to chat about business, permaculture or nutrition – or just need a drinking buddy – I’d love to grab a coffee, lunch or drinks.


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