I’m into mixing hippy ethos with elegant designs.

More Plants. Less Waste. Best Life.

Thanks for checking out my little blog. I am so happy to see you here. If we have never met, let me introduce myself, so we can be friends…

I started my career at a boutique PR firm in New Orleans. I loved the work. I loved the city, and the combination of those two loves got me in trouble.

During an annual physical in my mid-twenties, the doctor lectured me on heart disease and diabetes before reviewing my options for hypertension prescriptions. I was horrified. The New Orleans food and lifestyle took a toll on my health. Instead of prescriptions, I opted to lose more than 50 pounds, and in the process, I decided to apply my sales and marketing skills towards growing brands dedicated to improving wellness.

In 2013, I connected with Todd J. Pesek, M.D., to sprout Nutritional Roots. This plant-based wellness company offers premium supplements based on Dr. Pesek’s 15-year career in plant-based nutrition and holistic medicine. I lead the growth of Nutritional Roots by applying lessons from my wellness journey. This includes study and training in nutrition, sustainability and agriculture.

If you want to chat about business, permaculture or nutrition – or just need a workout/drinking buddy – I’d love to grab a coffee, lunch or drinks.

(If we have met, it’s been to long. How you doing?)


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