A Digital Marketing Install

I’m setting up the digital marketing for a 4-year-old business. This is a running log of my planning and activity.

First, I need to build my stack (nerd word for toolbox). I need to collect data to inform decisions and scale communication. I need tools to accomplish the following:.

  • Cross-channel Analytics
    • I need to collect visitor data. This data will allow us to understand who is visiting our website, where they are accessing are website, how they are accessing our website, and their behavior on our website. We need to collect this data across different devices and then “stitch” the information into a single consumer view.
  • Retargeting
    • I need to ‘tag’ visitors to the website, so we can follow up with them view advertising. A sale will require multiple communications along the way. We’ll eventually want to understand how many touch points are needed for a transaction, but for now, we just need to continuously reach out to visitors.
  • Testing UX & A/B
    • As we invest time and money into driving traffic to the website, we’ll want to capture qualitative information about their experience on their website. We’ll want to see where they spend time on the page, how they navigate through the website, what holds their attention and what loose their attention. We’ll also want to experiment with messaging and be able to measure which messages work the best.
  • Email Service Provider
    • Email is the easiest communication to scale. It’s also a competitive channel. We’ll need an email service provider will dependable delivery (we don’t want to arrive in the spam folder), and with the ability to organize our contacts so that our communication is relevant and personal. We will favor notifications over newsletters. Newsletters are largely irrelevant and labor intensive. LTV
  • SMS
    • We may want to reach our customers via text messages, so we’ll need a tool to scale this communication.
  • Single-user View CRM
    • We need to organize our customers into a database that continues to collect information. We need to understand their demographics, psychographics and brand-preferences, purchasing behaviors and loyalty. I need the analytics to stitch profiles together across devices to create a complete view of the buyer’s journey.
  • Segmentation & Behavior-based Automation
    • We want to organize our customers based on similar personalities and interests. This will allow us to tailor our communication to their needs. We can then scale our communication by synchronizing our messaging to their behaviors on our website. We can activate messages in real-time through automation.

Once I’ve identified and tools for these functions, I’ll need to prioritize based on budget and need.

I’m currently evaluating the following tools:


  • Segment
  • Google Tag Manager
  • Google Analytics
  • Mixpanel
  • Quantcast


  • Google Analytics
  • AdRoll
  • Facebook Pixel


  • Lucky Orange
  • Hotjar


  • Mailchimp
  • Zaius
  • SharpSpring
  • Intercom
  • Customer.io

RESULT: I’ve decided to get started with Mixpanel, Quantcast and Google Analytics. I’m also using LuckyOrange to monitor UX.

[UPDATE 05/31/17] Within a few days of monitoring activity on the LuckyOrange, I’ve learned we have a UX problem. This culminated with an angry phone call this morning from a customer struggling to make a purchase. We need to reduce the friction in the checkout process and speed up the load times too. Before moving forward, I need to get this fixed. It doesn’t make sense to invest in traffic to the website if 30% of the visitors can’t figure out how to checkout.

Second, once I’m capturing the current information coming in, I need  a strategy. I need to position each product, and then determine the best way to reach our target customer with the right message at the right time and proper frequency.

I’ll start the planning process with a customer survey. With the analytics installed, the survey will help refine and enhance our database of current customers. We’ll be able to apply more information about each customer to their profile and learn how to position the brand and products moving forward.

Third, I need to build out the communication for the strategy.

Fourth, I need to start testing the strategy, measure the tests and learn where to adjust the strategy.

  • I’ll need the following drip campaigns
  • Onboard/welcome campaign
  • Post-purchase campaign
  • Cart abandonment campaign
  • Browse abandonment campaign
  • Winback campaign


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