Need help with vitamins, supplements or nutrition?

I got you.

I’m currently helping Dr. Todd J. Pesek with NutritionalRoots.com. In 20214, we started with creating a name and logo. Now, we’ve sourced and developed more than 20 supple-ments and natural food products. We retail in more than 45 grocery stores in the Midwest, Southeast and Northeast, and we are currently moving our focus to e-commerce including Amazon.

If you’d like to learn how to develop supplements for your medical practice or brand, check out TrooOrganics.com.

If you have questions about nutrition or healthy living, check out the first season of my podcast WELLTH MGMT available anywhere you listen to podcasts.

If you want specific help with weight loss and advice about eating, I recom-mend Plant-First Diet.®

Need help with design, marketing or technology?

I got you.

When I was eleven, my curiosity about technology got the best of me. I took apart the family computer.

My mom was not pleased to find me surrounded by piles of tiny screws, wires and circuit boards. I promised to put it back together, but I forgot to take notes of what I was taking apart.

That summer, she sent me to computer camp. Plenty of computers made for dissection.

I’ve been hooked on technology ever since.

At Boundless, my hobbies are combined with my marketing and design background to help businesses launch, grow and navigate complex chal-lenges. We’ve built websites, made marketing campaigns, designed packag-ing, built apps and integrated marketing technology into workflows for com-panies of all stages and sizes.

I’m a big guy. If I want to fit in my dreams, I must dream big.

Always looking for opportunities to build new things and help as many peo-ple as possible, so if you think I could help you or your team out, email me Justin@RootHelpMe.com

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