Visiting Prague: Anonymous Bar

On our first night in Prague, we went to a bar we found in a New York Times article. Edward, the owner and tender of the bar, was zealous about cocktails. He prepared Lauren a sour using Czech Pear Brandy, and he made me the best Manhattan of my life with Nikka whiskey. Edward was giddy with our appreciation for his craft. On the back of a coaster, he listed his favorite places to eat and drink in the city. Anonymous was on his list.

Anonymous Bar is named after the hacker collective, and their motif extends beyond the hackers to encompass elements of V for Vendetta and the Gun Powder Plot. The decor offers an intriguing atmosphere, but the process of ordering and the imagination behind the drinks is what really sets the bar apart.

The menu is organized into three sections. The first sections starts with a page declaring a Password for 110 kc. The following pages are titled with the word Operations but are otherwise seemingly blank.

The second section lists classic cocktails and Anonymous’s interpretation of each cocktail. Lauren ordered Anonymous’s version of a Manhattan. They didn’t veer too much from the traditional recipe, but by aging the whiskey in a beef skin for three months, they created some unique flavors within Manhattan ingredients. The third section of the menu is a conversation. You tell the bartender what you like, and he makes you something.

I ordered the password with a spiced rum. When the bartender handed my the rum, he passed me what looked like a laser pointer. I pointed the pen at the blank pages in the first section and watched the pen’s UV light reveal a full menu of cocktails. Each cocktail was named after a different country. I ordered the Singapore, and a few minutes later, I was handed a volleyball stuffed with my drink down the center.

Amazing drinks served with a remarkable experience.

SIDE NOTE: We’ve now sipped cocktails at three of Edward’s four favorite bars.

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