Visiting Copenhagen

Danish is an impossibly hard-to-understand language. Everyone is walking around speaking gibberish. It reminds of old video games where the characters talk with a bunch of syllables instead of actual words. All these years later, I’m thinking maybe they were just speaking Danish in those games.

Here are a few other observations from visiting Copenhagen, Denmark.

  • It’s clean. The Central Train station doesn’t even smell bad.
  • The people are nice.They are a little shy, but all happy to help.
  • They speak better English than a lot of Americans.
  • They take their food seriously, and we’re glad they do.
  • Speaking of food, the Danish palette loves lemon.
  • The people are extremely good looking.
  • The minorities are very minor. There’s not much diversity.
  • Streets are well illuminated. Since the sun sets at 3:30, it’s nice to have omniscient lightning from the street
  • lights suspended by wires down the middle of the streets.
  • Nothing is cheap (ouch).
  • It’s really well organized. Everything they do is an exercise in minimalism and efficiency.
  • It’s a huge cycling city. Even in the rain, the bike lanes are as busy — if not busier than — as the roads.
  • Everything is candle lit, and they have a wide variety of candles to set the perfect lighting.


Hygge (Hoo-gah): v. – 1. coziness 2. good casual atmosphere 3. chillen


I love it here.

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