Rooting Health In Sustainable Food

Better nutrition. Better planet. Better life.

Turns out, the future of your health will have roots in our past.

Every day, technology pushes our world further into the future – and our health can’t keep up. Our health is unhappy.

Our bodies expect to spend the day roaming for food, drinking uncontaminated water and living under the sun. Instead, we spend the day sitting at a desk, staring at a screen, stressing about deadlines and waiting for food to come to us.

The disconnect between our modern behavior and the behavior of our ancient genes is making health unhappy. It’s creating problems in the forms of obesity, heart diseases, diabetes, chronic pain, mental illness and other epidemics sweeping our nation.

Also, a healthy planet grows healthy people.

That’s the good news. The bad news: our planet – more specifically, our soil – is not healthy. We now grow food with less nutrient density than the food we grew in the 90s. Our food lacks the nutrients to make your health happy.

So if your food lacks food and your body feels foreign in this high-tech world, what do you do? How do we make our health happy again?

The best solution, right now, is a plant-first diet, supplementation and regular physical activity.

Supplements offer your health a path to happiness by providing nutritional support until we revitalize our food and embrace regular physical activity, preferably outdoors.

Innovative supplements harness the health-empowering potential of plants and fermentation.

Once upon a time, our only medicine cabinet was the world around us. Our distant relatives maintained good health through daily activity, pure water and eating the plants they passed by. They occasionally supplemented their diets with a little protein, herbs and fungi as needed.

If these practices and plants can stand the test of time – for thousands of years – and maintain health for hundreds of generations, this old-school knowledge is worth a closer look.

And that’s exactly what doctors and scientists are doing today. They are taking a closer look. They are researching people living long, high-quality lives, and they are discovery they live among time-tested traditions and practices around the world. Studies like The China Study, Blue Zones and Adventist Health Studies are all drawing similar conclusions that point to a plant-based life.

I believe the seeds for making health happy again are planted in old-school wisdom of plants and our planet. With this wisdom, we can make health happy again for our generation and for generations to come.

With supplements inspired by research and clinical experiences, we can design dependable supplements using history’s best botanicals. All the ingredients should be carefully sourced. And when possible, the nutrients should be activated to their full nutritional potential through sprouting and anaerobic or aerobic fermentation. The results are innovative supplements to support specific health functions and maintain good health as we go about our modern life.

We all can revitalize food by helping regenerative farms.

My vision for the future of health goes beyond plant-first nutrition and supplements. In order to truly support health in the future, we must think about what we eat. Food is medicine. We must revitalize our food to nourish our bodies. This means we need to help farmers grow crops that are gentle on the soil and support the thriving ecosystem within soil. We need to buy foods that are local, seasonal and grown without harmful chemicals. We need to think about the sustainability behind each ingredient on our plates. We need to ask questions and demand better.

This is how we can heal our soil, and by healing our soil, we can start to heal our planet. We’ll restore our aquifers and avoid a water crisis. We’ll help lower the rising water levels in the ocean, and we can help reduce the temperature of our planet.

Restore your roots

Now, it’s time to make your health happy again. I hope nature’s history of healing will inspire you to embrace plants. I hope my pursuit of a healthier planet will inspire you to reconsider what you eat. And I hope that my hope will inspire you with optimism and excitement for a healthy future.

After all, happy health is waiting for you, and your happy health stems from your nutritional roots.

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