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Short Story: Finding Grace

Hope floats like a buoy. Most of the time, it gently rocks up and down, but other times, when storms

A Small Seaside Thought

When you’re standing at the foot of the ocean, you’re occupying an ancient space. The wind dancing on your skin.

Dream Log: A Cat

Let’s just say there was a cat. He was wearing a hip-hop outfit. He had on a leash, but it

Dream Log: Caterpillar

I hate to spoil the end of this story, but I meet a superhero at the end. I’m a caterpillar.

Dream Log: Framed

We are lined up, dressed for prom and waiting for our names to be called. We are outside Windermere Union.

Short Story: Another Level*

*This is a creative short story, and in no way a recount of real events. The names may or may

Short Story: Marked Off

This is a product of my creative writing class in college. It was met with much acclaim by teacher and

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