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Ask Me Anything: Delta-8 THC

What’s the deal with THC Delta-8? Is it the new CBD?

A Weed By Any Other Name

Only the most special plants inspire a million names. Here’s how to identify pot…I mean weed…I mean cannabis.

Hemp Hype Is Nothing New

Here’s a quick history on humanity’s long – and I mean really fucking long – relationship with cannabis.

Justin Root Drinking Wine Smiling

What Your Wine Is Hiding

Put down your glass. Before you take another sip of that wine, we need to chat about what you are drinking.

How Nola Found Me

The short story of finding one love from a person with two first names. The map on my phone did

Things I’ve Learned While Developing Cannabidiol (CBD) Products

In 2016, we realized cannabidiol (a.k.a. CBD) was trending towards the next big ingredient in supplements. I didn’t realize how

Polidicks: The Fight For Freedumb

Our political system is broken, and we’re not fighting to fix it.

Visiting Cuba

Cuba is charming, captivating and disgusting.   At night – when the cigars are burning, the rum is flowing and

Houdini Trophies

Traveling is a mindset. The spirit of adventure exceeds responsibility to your daily affairs. You feel inspired to strip away

Tasting Food In Iceland

What does rotten shark taste like? I’ll show you…

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